E5 user review


Robin Wong E-5 review

In-depth review from Robin Wong of Malaysia.

Being an Olympus user, he is not really 100% objective (like it is possible) but it is a very nice sharing from a (OM friendly) user perspective.

For pixel peeper (well, no one will admit of being one though you know who you are) E-5 is probably not impressive at all, and they can go back to woo and arrr the ISO 25600 from their D3s, or laugh at OM lagging behind in spec…

OM users tends to stay out high ISO and pixel war, and concentrate on talking about how good the colour looks/or how robust the body construction is…some say it is because OM can’t compete, thus the reason…well, I guess they might be right…

For me…I think I should probably start saving money



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