Communication Skill


As I grew older I am more and more convinced most of the interpersonal problems arises from poor communication skill. A lot of times what we did is not self-explanatory…as much as we want it to be.

I’ve seen love lost and relationship turns sour because of this, mine including, when we were young we tends to think the World is black and white so if I think I did my best, it must be the other party’ fault, maybe he/she is too demanding, maybe she is not appreciative, maybe she took things for granted; rarely we stop and think, maybe I got something to do with it; maybe I should have explain it more clearly; maybe I should have asked; maybe it is not what she wants…it is very much like, waking up at 5 to make my salad breakfast everyday and I am not even half happy…where the fact is I hate freaking salad.

We just never asked. People tends to think ones lover should know what his/her lovers like/love/hate, fact is, we don’t…and we probably will never know it all, even after years of living together.

A test for all my friends to test his/her communication skill




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