The God Delusion


Richard Dawkins is an Oxford university professor, his major works center on evolutionary biology.

In 2006 he wrote a book called “The God Delusion" in which he argues religion is bad for the World. He also host a documentary in British TV channel 4 name “The root of all evil", describing some of the issues he wrote in the book.

Personally, I do not 100% subscribe to his argument (I think Mr. Dawkins would not mind a bit as the ability to doubt, to be skeptical, is scientific in its root, while, Mr. Dawkins argues, religion discourage) but I think he got some very valid points when he points out that faith is a process of non-thinking, non-challenging way(in any religions, especially in monotheism religion) when pushing to extreme, the “I am right, you are wrong" attitude contribute itself to more trouble than peace in the world.

And if we think religion extremist is only available in Islam world, think again, this documentary will show you how Evangelical in America are just as extreme.

Judge by yourself, if you do have the interest and patience, and see which side of the argument you take.

P.S. the very unhappy pastor in video, Ted Haggard, the so righteous I so loved God man, was a very strong advocate to ban homosexuality, to outlaw them. Yet, it was discovered in late 2006 that Haggard was having paid gay sex with a male prostitute for more than 3 years. To that I can only say, fucking hypocrite.

Original from old blog entry 2007-07-26


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