The Perks of Being a Wallflower 少年自讀日記


這套電影上映時我完全沒有留意,可能是因為中文名字令我以為是少年人意淫電影。早前在電視HBO on demand看到這套電影還沒有什麼特別衝動看,看了Bourne Legacy跟著好奇按了看,結果令我十分驚喜

青少年時代和我已經年代久遠,早已沒有任何特別好感看青少年電影,雖然內心還是對年輕時一些描寫我青蔥歲月的電影,還是有一些soft spots,例如90年代頭的香蕉成熟時

(Gonna write in English as I am tired of typing in Chinese, takes me ages with my Chinese typing capability)

Perks of Being a Wallflower is not your typical Glee feel good type of giggling, kisses and fun; well, it is, but probably a bit more.

The movie was produced by producers of Juno, so you know they have some experience old hands on deck doing teen movies. Movie starts with you meeting Charlie, the main character who doesn’t seem so out of place in a teen movie, introverted, nervous, unable to make friends and typing to an unknow imagined friend.

Charlie was off to a rough start until he met senior students Sam and Patrick, who took Charlie under their wings and introduce Charlie to their cycle of friends and life (in Sam’ word, “Welcome to the island of misfit toys"). With his new-found friends, Charlie experience his freshman year, his first love, and we learnt a bit about Charlie dark history.

All in all a very enjoyable film and it certainly  bring back some youth memories, I think it is safe to say anyone who went through teen years feeling a bit quacky and misfit (which, I think, is half the population), can related to the sentiment in this movie.

A very good performance by the 3 main actors/actress, Logan Lerman. Emma Watson and Ezra Miller . Miller shows why he is consider one of the most talented young actor, Watson passed admirably as Sam, while main character Lerman also further his role other than playing in fantasy kid film Percy Jackson.



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